Saturday, April 4, 2009

19 swiftly approaches

What the sam hill have I done in this year? 

- got into usc
- graduated
- 3.6
- radio show
- written music, ruined music
- stopped writing poetry
- started learning spanish one word at a time
- fucked up and felt okay
- made too many new friends, seriously I can't handle it. 
- not gotten any better about checking my voicemail
- lost the most sleep I ever have in my life
- bought my first industry standard microphone 
- new found love for law and the constitution 
- thought more about my family than ever 
- had two roommates I hate
- applied for my first internship
- downloaded too much music I can't appreciate 
- learned how to save money
- defined how much I care about people
- worst halloween ever
- contradicted myself and things I used to believe
- spent a lot of time in the library 
- realized that on april 11th, 2009, I will no longer be barely an adult.  

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