Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's A Wonderful Life

Got a Ukelele.
Played With Logic 8.
Read David Sedaris.
Saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

By the way, does anyone remember the F. Scott Fitzgerald short story of the same name as this holiday academy award nominee?

if not ----------> Thanks UVA

The plot of the film is completely off.  I understand it's  an adaptation, but seriously?  
Civil War ≠ WWI
Button Family ≠ Retirement Home Foster Family
Seeking an Education ≠ Going on Tugboat Voyages
Hardware Business ≠ Button Business

whatever David Fincher.  Well... it's still a great film.
The best piece of cinema I've seen with Brad Pitt in it since Ocean's 11.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Since I've been home I've recorded a bunch of demos that I hope to share real soon, and even get some shows booked.  Right now it's looking like this
- Ocean
- 6411 Shady Lane
- James and Robert pt. 1
- Philosophy
- Used
- Paradise
- Mirrors
- Michelle
- Animal
- Homesick (Wrong)
- R.H.F 1970
- Busted Chains
- Season of Sunshine
- Over the Mountains

whole lots of songs from thoreau!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Home Soon

Some things have changed,
but I guess not everything. =]


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Duly Noted.

I love it when people:

- throw things at me
- turn arguments into pissing contests
- criticize criticism
- write derivative music
- think they know course material when they don't

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Israel... The Things I Find

Derech Hemelach by Israeli Rap Group Kele 6

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tonight, I had a couple friends over to watch a movie. In the spirit of the season we chose to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. The fascinating part about this episode was the incorporation of Franklin, the only black character in the world of Charlie Brown. If you look him up on wikipedia, there are references to Franklin being Schulz's manifestation of political opinion against segregation. However, certain things do seem to catch one's eye in the 1973 special A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Notably, Franklin dresses in a rather loud pair of striped trousers, plays on a baseball team (the jackie robinson effect), and greets charlie brown with low-five handshakes.  what's wrong with this picture?
and this one?
and thus, franchise defeats meaning.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fuck Guitar Hero

Please... let's stop blurring the line between music and video games.  

Anyway, now that I've said that, I must admit that I've finally decided it's pointless to put up my playlist from the radio shows anyway, because I don't even like most of what we play.

What has music become to me?  It's hard to find something I get really excited about these days...  I feel de-sensitized.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So, tonight was the night of the USC acoustic cafe where my good friend and fellow musician Cayla Fralick played a wonderful set.  We've been discussing her doing guest vocals on the the current demo album I'm recording - Success to the British Navy, under the Moniker Thoreau.
Another great thing that happened tonight is that my good friend David, who runs the SCene SC music aggregator blog, has enlisted me into the organization's staff.  This means I get business cards... for truth.  If you're in a band and looking to sell ad space on the site itself, hit David up.

Unfortunately, I doubt I will be attending the Copeland show tomorrow at New Brooklyn Tavern, good journalism grades are a primary achievement.  It's still sure to be awesome though. 

Monday, November 10, 2008

Why The Hell

Are Fleet Foxes SOOOO Damn Good?????????????????

one of my new favorites.  

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fundraiser Show

Bakari is acting hood as shit tonight.

"i'll cut any nigga ass who try to steal ma fries... an dats troof."
- Bakari Lebby

So tonight on flip the script, we're playing a special funraiser show that invloves bakari playing an hour set of Taking Back Sunday, and me playing an hour of Bright Eyes. It's probably the only time we'll ever be able to play top 40 albums and material so If you love wither of these bands, or both, be sure to tune in to flip da script radio tonight.

pens, bitch.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You've probably heard of this campaign already, the one about sending personalized videos to people by request of their friends.  These videos feature a fake news reporter saying that a certain individual (Your name) is responsible for Barack Obama for losing the election.  I received one of these e-mails the other day and it's extremely well done.  Now here's a question... will this actually increase voter registration?  I highly doubt it.  First off, I think it's improbable that their tactics of humor fueled  actually would convince someone bitter or lazy enough not to vote to correct such behavior.  Who is the ass hat who came up with this?  Do they even realize that the reason why people do not vote might be because they are not registered?  If so, this campaign was planned at an unfortunate time, because registering to vote has already hit the deadline?  Apparently is within keeping of's reputation of wasting money... a la "General Betray-Us" ads that were run in the NY Times and created such controversy they had to be withdrawn weeks after they were run for blasphemous content.  I like spending money too moveon, but at least on things that are practical.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Approaches

The most unnecessary holiday? hardly.

I've been ready for Halloween since February, and want to have one of those lucid halloween memories where something spooky, unpredictable happens... something that feels like it should be in one of those feel good halloween specials from Home Improvement or The Simpsons or even Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

I want something enjoyably terrifying, or delightfully dark... something like a walking skeleton telling crazy stories, a swamp man on turntables, or a mummy cruising in a Scion.

Flip the Script Radio

Tonight is the first show we're doing from 2-4 AM.

This is going to be experience of cosmic force, as the stars align with the exact angle of our transmitter, to give you the utmost interstellar listening experience.

I'll post the playlist soon.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


"Featured on my top ten list of places to hang yourself."

The airports I've been too have always been cold, no matter what time of the year. I figured it must always have had something to do with the amount of air flow that comes through the terminal-they would crank up the AC on the hot days, and on cold days, heat would usually escape through the large pains of glass that separates the customers from the elements outside. after thinking back to a few science classes about how heat travels, I realized that my notions about airport climates could just not be true, so I decided to chalk it up to inability for airport employees to understand what it was like to be human at some point in their life. generally, working in some establishment related tot the airline industry has a de-moralizing quality to it, almost as if Satan himself laid the blue-prints for every tarmac, every baggage carousel, and most certainly every airport express jamba juice.

I find that people who are employed by airports generally do not smile all that much, if ever. Whenever I buy a paper at the magazinery in an airport, I almost always leave a penny rather than take one, even if it means splitting a larger bill, mostly because I am utterly terrified that the man behind the counter will leap out at me with his tongue forked, scales shot-up, and hit eyes painfully crossed if I do not contribute to the giving end of the commercial taboo, its motto scawled on the edges a state lottery ash tray, that seems to find it's way into every airport cash register I ever been to in the states. So much to be abandoned. The Virginia State Lottery has a very distinct "take a penny" ash tray, as it is distinguished by its pool felt green finish and triangular mold. Since it is such a noticeable item, I can't help but notice it whenever I'm in a convenience store located in some other state than Virginia. For all I know, they're damn collector's items.

On a trip to Massachusetts I entered a Tom Thumb gas station vestibule to purchase a package of skittles. At the cashier, I noticed it; the Virginia Lottery's tray staring me straight in the middle of the forehead. Little things like this have a strange tendency to catch me off guard and lead to me asking pointless questions to people who really haven't got the time. "Any reason why you've got a Virginia ashtray?" I posed to a raisin faced man working the register. Such pointless questions get very charming, blunt responses: "For when my fucking cigarette gets ashes." At that time, I figured I better not mention that it really was for the "take a penny, leave a penny" policy, and decided that if I really wanted to get those skittles painlessly, I shouldn't question where this man ought to put out his smoke when it "got ashes." The poor phrasing he had chosen made it sound like cigarettes got diseases too.

Ever since the unpleasant experience in Massachusetts, I've become more cautious in my behavior, most effectively when I'm in Dulles or Reagan National. Only to add to my anxieties involving airports, I read an article in the washington post's outlook section the other day about how the ladder of the two locations will commence use of new security technology that will allow passengers' clothing to be seen through. Finally, now I can breathe easy knowing that my naked body will be seen the next time I choose to take a flight from the airport named after a president who probably approved the funding for the creation of such ludicrous technology as these peeping-tom scanners. All this for the sake of defending the homeland.

If it's any consolation to the reader, the article mentioned it was against Reagan National's "devout" costumer service policies if the examiners who operate the screenings came in contact with any customer who had been viewed in the nude. This raises to my mind, another potentially pointless question: Suppose an operator and a customer were to come in contact accidently, perhaps an unintentional rendezvous a la Cinnabon. (That seems altogether too hopeful, so more realistically: the airport's bathroom.) Now upon this encounter, what is that exact employee supposed to do? I came up with a list of preferable solutions:

- The employee apologizes with a complimentary "one free drink" waiver for the airport's Starbucks.

- You can opt out of the security screen, replaced by a relatively "easy going" frisking.

- or, simply, you get your ticket bumped to first class.

Restroom etiquette and apologetics I doubt are anyone's forte, especially a soul-less, voyeuristic, airport security employee.