Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You've probably heard of this campaign already, the one about sending personalized videos to people by request of their friends.  These videos feature a fake news reporter saying that a certain individual (Your name) is responsible for Barack Obama for losing the election.  I received one of these e-mails the other day and it's extremely well done.  Now here's a question... will this actually increase voter registration?  I highly doubt it.  First off, I think it's improbable that their tactics of humor fueled  actually would convince someone bitter or lazy enough not to vote to correct such behavior.  Who is the ass hat who came up with this?  Do they even realize that the reason why people do not vote might be because they are not registered?  If so, this campaign was planned at an unfortunate time, because registering to vote has already hit the deadline?  Apparently is within keeping of's reputation of wasting money... a la "General Betray-Us" ads that were run in the NY Times and created such controversy they had to be withdrawn weeks after they were run for blasphemous content.  I like spending money too moveon, but at least on things that are practical.

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